white vale goes way too hard and they embarrass themselves daily goodbye

Anonymous asked: Hi. Joseph Fink here. Sorry I'm on anon, I don't have a tumblr. I just want to tell you I think you take it way too far. I am against racism in my fandom but you pretty much do to whites exactly what you don't want done to you. I feel like this causes a lot of strife in the fandom and we could do without that. Please think on my words. Thanks.






jesus god white vale you took it too far



the leeeeeennnnggtthhhssss whitevale stans goooo tooo omgggg

wow this is a new kind of low……..

And I said yes!
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that would be, well- that would be neat! 


All my interns are dead - [HD] -

A story by Joseph Fink, narrated by Cecil Baldwin, available here.
Chad: went to buy a tennis racket, never seen again Jerry: corporeally absorbed into Station ManagementLeland: vaporized by the shape in Grove Park  Dana: lost in the Dog Park (or possibly murdered by her double)  Richard: became one with the Whispering Forest  Paolo: did not survive the Summer Reading ProgramDylan: trapped in the Subway (probably a cockroach now) Brad & Stacey: ??? (possibly hooded figures now)